The End of Things

The insistent ticking of a clock.
The strung-out moments of a lifetime.
Meetings. Love. Saying good-bye.


Desire shifts and bends,
across worlds and across time.
Reality morphs into absurdity,
into lunacy, and back again.
Dreams take form and substance,
then dissolve into the earth.


What’s real here?

How much is us, and how much is you?



Infused with joy, pain, and breathtaking beauty, The End of Things is a journey to the heart of letting go. It is the fourth original performance by Company of Wolves.

We premiered The End of Things at manipulate Visual Theatre Festival in January 2017. This was followed by a UK tour throughout February and March 2017. Places we visited included: The Barn (Banchory), CCA (Glasgow), Galeri Caernarfon (Wales), Beacon Arts Centre (Greenock), University of Highlands and Islands- Inverness, Universal Hall (Findhorn), Cumbernauld Theatre (Cumbernauld).

Here’s what audience members had to say:

“A powerful performance – like a Rorschach test”
“Emotional, intense, powerful and primal”
“Truly mesmerising – I felt hypnotised and drawn into the dream-like world”
“Can’t wait to see it again!”



Beth Kovarik, Emily Phillips, Jonathan Peck, Liz Strange, Robin Hellier

Directed by:
Ewan Downie

Set and Costume Design:
Ana Ines Jabares-Pita

Lighting Design:
Lex Burnhams

Tour Lighting Design and Technician:
Alberto Santos-Bellido

Sound Design:
Anna Porubcansky


bizarre and haunting… oddly lovely, at times maddening, and touching

Lorna Irvine, The List

Visually stimulating, incredible actors & laughed like hell!

Audience Member, Greenock

Languorous and visceral, decadent and intense. Loved it.

Audience Member, Glasgow

Slow, beautiful chaos.

Audience Member, Banchory

Makes you question everything…A mind-opening experience of the senses.

Audience Member, Ayr

An amazingly powerful performance – deeply touching, metaphorical, disturbing, awakening. A thought provoking, insightful, disturbing commentary on the human condition, what it means to be consciously alive and connected. Thank you.

Audience Member, Findhorn


Audience Member, Findhorn