The End of Things development blog: Sound

Notes from sound designer Anna Porubcansky

Start of week 3 and it feels like we’re starting to zero in on the guts of this show. It’s been great to be in the room with the actors as we start working out what kinds of worlds exist in this piece.

For this performance, I’m building a sound world out of found objects: marbles, rocks, paper, tape, water, and anything else that makes good noise. Record, loop, and build. And I’ve got a few strange instruments up my sleeves that may be making an appearance.

I normally make music live onstage, but this time we’re going to have a sound design that will mostly be operated through a sound board. We still want the sound to be responsive to what’s happening on stage, though, since what happens on stage can subtly, or not so subtly, shift from night to night. So I’m looking at making layers of sound, sound moods, where different sound elements get triggered along the way.

Still early days though! The next two weeks will be big ones.

Stay tuned….