Winter Training 2023

9-11 January 2023

10am – 4:30pm
Queens Park Govanhill Parish Church

For three days, we will run, dance, sing, sweat and play – a group of people, coming back into our creative selves together.

This workshop is based in Company of Wolves’ unique body-centred training practices: rigorous and playful, we use movement, voice, and imagination to free creativity, develop confidence and resilience, and reestablish connections between people.

Winter Training is open to anyone. Over the years, we’ve worked with teachers and therapists, writers, community workers, administrators and musicians as well as actors, dancers and theatre-makers.

Company of Wolves is a laboratory theatre company based in Glasgow, founded in 2012 and led by Anna Porubcansky and Ewan Downie. We make performances that use elements of theatre, dance, music, and improvisation to inspire, challenge and question.  We’ve led over 30 workshops to more than 500 participants, both in Scotland and abroad. For more information about us, visit our website at

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