International Workshop Festival Scotland

For the last six months, we’ve been working alongside Cumbernauld Theatre to curate Scotland’s first International Workshop Festival. Inspired in part by the IWF run through the 1990s by Dick McGaw, this festival aims to be an encounter; an exchange; a sharing.

For two weeks in October, professional artists and performers have a chance to work with leading international practitioners, confronting exciting new ways to make performance.

Enrique Vargas from Teatro de los Sentidos (15-19 Oct)
Rebecca Wright from Applied Mechanics (22-26 Oct)
Katie Duck (24-26 Oct)

Plus a very special performance of ‘Working Method’ by Enkidu Khaled (27 Oct)

IWFS runs from 15-27 October 2018 at Cumbernauld Theatre. More info and booking detailsĀ here.

Please note that places are very limited so book early to avoid disappointment!