The End of Things development blog: here we go!

Saturday before rehearsals start and the engines are definitely firing.

Production schedules, rehearsal schedules, final pre-rehearsal meetings with all the designers… images and texts are rolling in from the performers, and Modeselektor┬áis blasting through the speakers.

We’re going to be charting our rehearsal process here, with each post focusing on different elements of the making of this show: sound design, graphic design, set design, some words from the performers, and finally from the director.

At the start of all this, here are some questions we’re chewing on:

How do we make a truly collaborative piece? How do we create and sustain an environment that generates charge, electricity, such that every artist involved feels sparks in new directions, inspired and excited by each other and by the material? And, what is this show really about?

Stay tuned, as we unwind and unravel…

xxThe Wolves